Coldwire is a system integration company providing high end safety, security and automation solutions.
The company provides professional services in multiple technology domains like SMATV, parking Management, Digital Signage etc.


In simple words, we turn customer ideas into reality. The problems that seem very complex to the end
user can easily be envisioned by us.

1. CCTV Surveillance Solutions
2. Multi Satellite Digital Distribution
3. Parking management and Parking Guidance system
4. RFID Based Solutions
  • Asset Tracking
  • Library Management System
  • Employ Attendance
  • Automated Access Gates
5. In Building Access Control System
6. Indoor and Outdoor LED Digital Signage's
7. Under Vehicle Scanners
8. Intrusion Alarm System

Our expert team of professionals with the support of our partners works together in designing and implementation of a close circuit television system customized to customer requirements. We believe in development of a system involving least number of manpower and yet easy to operate with basic training of the system. Our Solutions have a powerful deterrence capability and provide extensive data of recorded images for post event analysis. Our product range in this domain constitutes of a vast variety of different types of cameras and Digital Video Recording capabilities depending on customer requirements, ranging from low budget to high end

Satellite Master Antenna Television, and refers to a system that uses multiple satellite and broadcast signals to create...
With the development of the modernization and internation-alization, the number of cars users is growing rapidly...
In an era of impluse decision, create a high-impact impres-sion on your audience with Digital Public Display & Signage Solution.
The Entry Control System consists of Road Blockers, Boom Barriers and Full Height Turnstiles which authenticate
MSDD Networks enhance building services, protect building from damage and unsightly installation
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