Coldwire is a system integration company providing high end safety, security and automation solutions.
The company provides professional services in multiple technology domains like SMATV, parking Management, Digital Signage etc.


Has established itself as one of the leading developer, supplier,
distributor and system integrator of electronic security and surveillance products in India in short
duration of 3 years. Over these years we have diversified our scope of services and established strong
and long-term associations with some of the leading electronics companies across the globe.
Incorporated in the year 2010, we boast of a strong industrial competence along with specialized high
performance technology and state-of-the-art equipments required towards all spheres of life. We take
pride in our products and services, working towards a mission of 'securing your world'.
With experience, R&D and technical know-how, we are fully equipped and capable of providing worldclass
solutions, customized according to the needs of our clients.
We are proud to state that a team of close to 50 hardworking professionals work diligently towards the

  To be the leading provider of System Integration solutions, security products, services and solutions in India and establishing ourselves as a premier brand in the global market by continuous commitment towards excellence in quality, high performance, dedicated teamwork and customer satisfaction, allowing us to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.    
  • Dedication: We are continuously committed towards serving our customers. All our employees
    have full allegiance towards our motto 'customer comes first'
  • Performance: We believe in continuously raising the bar of performance, allowing us to meet
    and exceed client expectations every time.
  • Integrity: We walk the talk, delivering what we promise. We stand by our commitments
    providing our customers utmost satisfaction.
  • Teamwork: We believe in working together, staying together. We encourage open and effective
    communication and interaction. Our organizational culture patronizes unfettered and integrated
    teamwork among different departments allowing seamless, fruitful operations.
  • Transparency: We work with lucid thoughts and actions, ensuring equality among our
    employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Accountability: We take responsibilities for our decisions and actions. We allow our empowered
    employees to honor their commitments and do what is necessary to gratify our clients and meet
    the organizational goals and objectives.

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