Coldwire is a system integration company providing high end safety, security and automation solutions.
The company provides professional services in multiple technology domains like SMATV, parking Management, Digital Signage etc.
  Intrusion Alarm System

The Intrusion Alarm System (IAS) provides for detecting and alerting the occupants, of any attempted entry through all entry or exit points, windows and also provides for detecting the movement of an intruder within the protected premises. IAS provides to deter an intruder or provides an alert by setting off a siren on detecting intrusion. In addition to intrusion detection, this device also includes systems like:
  • LPG Gas Leak Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Emergency Panic Button
  • Communicator (Auto Dialer)
  • PIR (Passive Infra Red) Movement Detectors

Salient features of the system:
  • IP-based wireless security & home automation system
  • Remote control over Internet, telephone or cellular
  • System contains a maximum of 128 burglar zones plus 64 fire zones
  • Interactive programming with 16 - character x 2 LCD display
  • PIR (Passive Infra Red) Movement Detectors
  • Detailed 512 events log with time tag
  • Accommodates 16 x-10 power switches for
    home automation
  • Receiving RF signal strength indication and
    jamming detection
  • Hopping - code remote controller for high security
  • Built-in voice dialer stores up to 6 phone numbers, plus 2 CMS data links
  • Optional GSM module for supporting communication link
  • Hands-free speakerphone, 2 - way voice communication for emergency
  • Auto - reporting to inform parents when children arrive or leave home
  • Wireless temperature & humidity sensor with programmable high / low alarm limit
  • Emergency alarm and monitoring for the elderly
  • All in One System
  • Smart code with Multi-Million combinations
  • Multi-Zone with Selectable Partial Alarm
  • Sirens and Auxiliary Relay Output
  • Water proof Medical Help Button
  • Unique Inactivity Monitoring zone
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