Coldwire is a system integration company providing high end safety, security and automation solutions.
The company provides professional services in multiple technology domains like SMATV, parking Management, Digital Signage etc.
  The number of cars users is growing rapidly and the problem between cars and parking spaces becomes bigger and bigger in already crowded urban areas. Development of sophisticated Parking Management Systems is the need of the hour. Taking initiative in this domain our management decided to put together a solution in order to meet the growing demand for Organized Parking. With the help of our associate partners our team developed a Parking Management System that enables one to overcome the major issues faced by any multilevel car park in the county. Some of the Key features of our system include: In order to improve the data gathering and efficiency of management in the parking lot and offer the car owners a safer, quicker, more comfortable and convenient way to locate parking spaces, PGS is required.
  • An Ultrasonic Parking Guidance system is networked that flawlessly guides the car to the empty spot without any human intervention. Thus saving time, lowering of operational cost and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Allocating reserved parking spaces for staff or regular clients as per their needs.
  • Real-time data gathering of the number of parking slots empty without any use of manpower.
  • Number plate identification system integrated in order to gather information about how many
    times a particular car has been parked inside the car parking in a month or year.
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