Coldwire is a system integration company providing high end safety, security and automation solutions.
The company provides professional services in multiple technology domains like SMATV, parking Management, Digital Signage etc.
  Television Entertainment is purely an individual's personal choice. Your customers have to live without choice because of the current technical limitations. DTH subscription whichever it may be involves installation of a satellite dish on the balcony or the roof-top. Increasing subscribers causes a clutter of dishes in your property thereby rendering an unpleasant look to your property. Some DTH providers do offer single antenna solutions or Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) solutions exclusively for their service. Some of them even go to the extent of offering Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) which integrates various other services like broadband internet and CCTV. Here the drawback is that these companies own the network and the residents are forced to subscribe to that particular services offered by the company. This restricts the resident's choice of TV viewing.
Multi Satellite Digital Distribution (MSDD)is the only network solution in India that gives choice of Satellite TV viewing and much more. Coldwire's MSDD makes it easy for the builders to offer the residents their choice of DTH service. The residents won't have to install individual dishes on their balconies or on the roof-top. This helps in maintaining the appearance of the area and preserving the aesthetic look of the property.
Moreover the MSDD solution is costeffective, expandable and transparent to all value added satellite TV services. Additionally the MSDD network can accommodate CCTV integration for viewing the footage on the TV screen itself, Digital Cable TV integration and High-speed Broadband Internet integration.

Satellite Master Antenna Television, and refers to a system that uses multiple satellite and broadcast signals to create...
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MSDD Networks enhance building services, protect building from damage and unsightly installation
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